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- Lazuli - En Avant Doute.... (2006) FLAC] (BONUS DVD9 NTSC) -

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Lazuli - En Avant Doute.... (2006) FLAC] (BONUS DVD9 NTSC)

CD (29 décembre 2006)
Number of discs: 2
Format : Double CD
Label: Musea
Line-up / Musicians
Claude Leonetti : Léode
Sylvain Bayol : Warr guitar, Stick Chapman
Gédéric Byar : Guitar
Dominique Leonetti : Vocals, Guitar
Yohan Siméon : Percussions, Métalophone
Frédéric Juan : Marimba, Vibes, Percussions

.: Tracklist :

LAZULI are a French rock ensemble, currently recognized as an arousing, enchanting and vigorous prog rock value. Formed in 1998, their musical debut was tough and unoriginal, but in the next years, revealing a promising number of shows and a music undergoing a quality transition, they earned the appreciation those bands capable of making unusual, very pleasant or promptly fresh music usually receive. Their best release so far, On Avant Doute, is a fantastic record for some, while, generally, its critic and feedback is positive.

Except guitarist Marc Almeras, who departed right between LAZULI's most significant albums, the band members stayed bonded throughout all the years: Yohan Simeon and Frederik Juan (playing stand-up drumkit/percussions, respectively assorted percussion, marimba or vibraphone) enforce a good taste and vigor for drumming, Sylvan Bayol plays the Chapman Stick (reminding of no one else than Tony Levin) and, as of late, improvises on War Guitar too, Dominic Leonetti is the vocalist and the lyricist (playing acoustic guitars in between), while Claude Leonetti plays "La Léode", an over-exciting midi-electronic plug-guitar instrument, providing something from LAZULI's unique or unusual sound, despite that it works pretty much on distorted, synth guitar sounds (or does even more, by sopping the rock into a mature, and laudable, eclectic tone).

LAZULI's concerts have an unexpected quality, most of their musical shows being appreciated or even well-awaited. Except a 1999 notable concert, held at FIMU in Belfort, most of the band's important concerts were held in these recent years. In July 2005, their attendancy at the Montreux Jazz Festival earned them acclaim, plus an award for "Under The Sky". In 2006, they were present at the Baja Prog Festival or the German festivals Colos-Saal, KOMMZ-Festival. Invited by Ange, LAZULI played a full concert at Bergerac, in France. In 2007, they've repeated some of the German stage previous performances, while every new programmed event is spot on interesting.

In their music, LAZULI do a relaxed blend of prog rock (classic, retro and modern spots altogether, but mostly the last two), instrumental songs and alternative/warm world music - the edge between pop and rock being, mostly, a good one. Numb folk, heavy beats or rich samples are fairly used. Their artistic top quality is not so much the high-striking, elaborate or attractive tones and prog-generating sensations, as the inspired songs and instrumental intermissions (much of the songs' contrast being described in this way) marking a depth of music, a thoughtfulness (or, on the contrary, an irony) in writing and an experience full of brightness. Reflections, atmospheres and such various effects pass and go, but LAZULI's strong art can dwell on as ample.

An important part of their act is lyrical, the songs and texts shining upon a melange of melodies. Especially in On Avant Doute, different lyrics are mentioned to reflect thoughts upon the edge and class of the world (society), to have a poetic rhyme, to be inspired from Moliere or to tribute Jacques Brel - by which LAZULI's cult can intrigue or frown. Not arbitrary does the music remind, to many, of ANGE or the pop-modern songs of Peter GABRIEL. The best musical moments can also be instrumental, LAZULI's maelstrom being keener to pitching or complexity than to improvising or framing. References to PORCUPINE TREE, MUSE or OLDFIELD are mentioned sometimes provocatively, otherwise basically. The mixing color includes popular, melancholic or dreamy elements.

Amnesie, released in 2004, indexed LAZULI among the inspiring new bands of the recent period (and has put an end to their jinxed debut), but On Avant Doute is doubtlessly the most impressing and powerful record made by them up to now. The CD comes together with a DVD hour-long concert

Popular, yet not hesitantly remarkable, LAZULI are recommended for their resounding artistic gene, playing a lot of art rock, modern concept music or independent instrumental-vocal expressions.
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Liste des titres
1. En Avant Doute
2. Laisse Courir
3. Le Repas De L'Ogre
4. Capitaine Coeur De Miel - Part Two
5. La Valse A Cent Ans
6. Film D'Aurore
7. Ouest Terne
8. L'Arbre
9. Cassiopée


10. L'Impasse
11. L'Arbre
12. Le Repas De L'Ogre
13. Laisse Courir
14. Mal De Chien
15. Chansons Nettes

Live at Theater Odeon Nimes France

Bonus: Petite histoire de la Leode plus Un Printemps
Video clip Le repas de l'ogre
Amnesie live at Bergerac France
Behind the scenes
Photo Gallery

Included.............: NFO, m3u, LOG, CUE


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